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Of course we are selfish, that is part of our sinful nature. Satan does latch on to that aspect of us and uses it to his advantage.

In Christ, we are “blessed to be a blessing” and “saved to serve.” We are to follow the example of Jesus and be a servant to all, putting the needs of others above the our own desires. That is not to say we should not take care of ourselves, we must eat, rest, and play to refresh and restore our bodies if we to be of any good to others.

But far too many of us take what we do not need and hoard resources, while far too many others are in desperate need. God may bless us, but is it His blessing that we are driving a gas-guzzling Hummer while children in Asia or Africa have no food? Or is that Satan feeding upon our selfishness?

Too many have calloused hearts that are hardened but today’s “me me me” society.