Gospel.com Topics Feed - A New Earth 2008-05-16T10:27:22-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/a+new+earth/ A New Earth, Ancient Deception http://christiananswersforthenewage.org/Articles_NewEarth.html 2008-05-16T10:27:22-05:00 Tolle believes that we are at the edge of a spiritual awakening (5). This has been the mantra for the New Age since the 60’s. The belief that the Age of Aquarius is upon us is part of this teaching. As a former astrologer, I am familiar with this idea: Man is constantly spiritually evolving... Learn to Discern: A Truth-filled Response to Spiritual Deception http://reviveourhearts.com/topics/series.php?series=234&topic_name=General%20Christian%20Living 2008-05-09T16:49:27-05:00 Nancy Leigh DeMoss, Pastor Erwin Lutzer, and Dr. Don Whitney provide a biblical response to Oprah’s recent endorsement of Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth.