Gospel.com Topics Feed - Abstinence 2008-03-26T11:33:29-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/abstinence/ North American Consultation on the Role of the Church in the HIV/AIDS Pandemic http://lausanneworldpulse.com/themedarticles.php/107/12-2005 2008-03-26T11:33:29-05:00 Abstinence is working in the fight against AIDS in Africa. Findings which have appeared controversial, contradictory or politicized to both mainstream media and secular aid agencies continue to show that the “Abstinence, Be faithful or use a Condom” (ABC) promotion in places such as Uganda, Rwanda a Book Review: "The Naked Truth about Sex, Love, and Relationships" http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Review-of-Naked-Truth-about-Sex-Love-and-Relationships.html 2008-02-13T14:06:06-05:00 Book Review: "The Naked Truth about Sex, Love, and Relationships" Chaste http://ymexchange.com/Youth-Ministry-Articles/Chaste.html 2007-11-08T22:05:38-05:00 I've been re-thinking the whole youth ministry sex talk. While I haven't given one yet, I think it's good to think about this far ahead of actually doing one. Especially in the light of what I really want to communicate if and when I get to have these kind of conversations with students.