Gospel.com Topics Feed - Adult Education 2011-06-08T15:33:47-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/adult+education/ Shaped by God - Robert and Laura Keeley http://faithaliveresources.org/Products/151126/shaped-by-god.aspx 2011-06-08T15:33:47-05:00 Faith formation doesn’t just happen—it’s a Spirit-led lifelong process of shaping and reshaping. In this accessible anthology, twelve experts share their perspectives on faith formation at home, in worship, in education, in intergenerational contexts, in people with developmental disabilities, and more. Indispensable reading for pastors, church leaders, education committees, parents, and educators. The Book that Understands You - Kevin Adams http://faithaliveresources.org/Products/230090/the-book-that-understands-you.aspx 2011-06-08T15:30:02-05:00 Find out how your life story connects with the story of the Bible in this new study for adults. Great for small groups, adult education, young adults, and outreach.