Gospel.com Topics Feed - Advertised Job Market 2009-03-05T20:36:52-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/advertised+job+market/ Using the Internet in Your Job Search http://christiancareercenter.com/advice-and-resources/job-search-articles/using-the-internet-in-your-job-search1 2009-03-05T20:36:52-05:00 The Internet has had a large impact on how people find jobs. It makes local, national, and worldwide job postings readily accessible. The Internet is a valuable resource for gathering information about organizations of interest. It also offers e-mail addresses for contacting employers directly to inquire about jobs that aren't advertised-those in the "hidden" job market. In addition, the Internet provides opportunities for networking with people who are in careers of interest to you. Learn the keys to using the internet in your job search.