Gospel.com Topics Feed - All Knowing 2009-09-25T10:20:22-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/all+knowing/ God knows in the Bible - a Christian perspective http://biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20John%203:19-20&version=NIV 2009-09-25T10:20:22-05:00 John tells us that God knows everything. We know we are in the wrong when our hearts condemn us, but God is greater than our hearts; therefore, he knows more about us than we know ourselves. All knowing in the Bible - a Christian perspective http://biblegateway.com/passage/?search=John%2018:4&version=NIV 2009-09-17T15:16:02-05:00 Jesus knew everything that was going to happen, he was omniscient in all respects. In this verse we read that he even goes along with what he knows must happen.