Gospel.com Topics Feed - Anger 2013-11-26T06:00:03-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/anger/ The Bitter Root http://faithgateway.com/bitter-root/ 2013-11-26T06:00:03-05:00 As the holiday season begins, we at Devotionals Daily thought it might be good to do a little preemptive heart check before we set the table, prepare meals, and plan visits with extended family and with friends. If there are painful messes, annoyances that have built up into grudges, or any upset feelings at all […] But I Have a Right to Be Angry! http://faithgateway.com/but-i-have-right-to-be-angry/ 2013-11-02T06:00:03-05:00 Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry. Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires. — James 1:19-20 I had been lied to, betrayed, and hurt. I was angry and felt I had every right to be. Anger crushed my desire to forgive. […] Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Your Anger http://faithgateway.com/dont-let-the-sun-go-down-on-your-anger/ 2013-10-04T14:47:04-05:00 In your anger do not sin: Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold. — Ephesians 4:26-27 Christian maturity involves a lot of things, but surely it includes knowing how to process your anger. In fact, I believe there is no more dangerous emotion […] Heroic Ambassador http://hutchcraft.com/blogs/ron-hutchcrafts-blogs/heroic-ambassador?utm_source=Ron+Hutchcraft+Ministries%2C+Inc.&utm_campaign=bf382b6cb5-AWWY+6700&utm_medium=email 2012-09-14T10:12:10-05:00 We can't let the spinning gerbil wheel of an overstuffed life ever make us forget who we are - we're on assignment from Heaven. To help people go there. No Cinder Blocks Please - #6680 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-relationships/no-cinder-blocks-please-6680 2012-08-17T10:51:52-05:00 Here's an important word for us guys. Don't wait until it's a crisis to give her your attention. She may be letting it build up, because she can't find a way into your life, you're so busy. You've always got something else to do other than listen to her. Listen to her needs; listen to her heart; listen to those frustrations and problems when they're small, when they're manageable. What Keeps Your Father From Helping? - #6661 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-hindrances/what-keeps-your-father-from-helping-6661 2012-08-06T09:56:02-05:00 Your Father is standing there ready to help as only He can, but you've got to release that bitterness that's making your burden so much heavier. Why carry that load too? Your Father wants to trade your bitterness for His energizing grace. 150: Finding Your Story in the Psalms - Kevin Adams http://faithaliveresources.org/Products/156005/150.aspx 2012-04-03T14:50:09-05:00 Explore the psalms through the human experiences of joy, anger, pain, fear, and love as Kevin Adams tells the stories of real people crying out to God. Why Fight When You Can Criticize? - #6573 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-personal-power/why-fight-when-you-can-criticize-6573 2012-03-23T12:35:09-05:00 It's easy to criticize when you're not in the battle yourself, and it's terribly wrong. Players just don't have much time to criticize. Let me suggest to you that there might be two legitimate responses here. One is to take a position. Maybe there is someone better, but at least you're willing to go. Get in there and get involved in this holy battle. Controlled Avalanches - #6453 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-relationships/controlled-avalanches-6453 2011-10-07T11:17:54-05:00 Deal with it while it's still able to be dealt with. Daily corrections are God's avalanche cannon. Get at the issue now. Don't wait until it comes crashing down on you. Storm Warning In Your Soul - #6413 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-hindrances/storm-warning-in-your-soul-6413 2011-08-10T10:19:09-05:00 the internal Holy Spirit sirens go off whenever we step out of the Light and into the darkness. And I'm wise to wake up right away and get to where it's safe; doing what God blesses instead of what God judges.