Gospel.com Topics Feed - Arminians 2011-05-06T10:18:00-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/arminians/ Grotius Defends Christianity While in Prison http://chitorch.org/captivefaith/post-reformation/grotius.php 2011-05-06T10:18:00-05:00 Account of the Post-Reformation era prisoner Hugo Grotius who was in prison for his religious and political associations. From Captive Faith, a production of Christian History Institute. Module 403: Arminius | Christian History Institute http://chitorch.org/index.php/eras/post-reformation/arminius/ 2009-06-22T13:24:44-05:00 Christian History Institute's study module on Jacob (James) Arminius, the founder of Arminianism, a modified Calvinism.