Gospel.com Topics Feed - Astronomy 2009-11-18T11:04:27-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/astronomy/ Christian perspective on the heavens: the Leonid Meteor Shower http://gospel.com/blog/index.php/2009/11/17/christian-perspective-on-the-heavens-the-leonard-meteor-shower/ 2009-11-18T11:04:27-05:00 If you needed an excuse to get out of the house in mid-November, it doesn’t get much better than this: the Leonid Meteor Shower was on vivid display this month. Orion - a Christian perspective http://biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Job%209:9&version=NIV 2009-10-02T15:51:09-05:00 Job declares that it is by God's hands that the stars and the constellations have been made. God is the Maker of Orion and the Pleiades. Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe Is Old? - Answers in Genesis http://answersingenesis.org/articles/nab/does-starlight-prove 2008-01-12T21:50:12-05:00 The distant starlight question has caused some people to question cosmic distances. Do we really know that galaxies are so far away? Techniques that astronomers use to measure cosmic distances are generally logical and scientifically sound. Does the astronomy of evolutionary origins fit with the Bible? - Answers in Genesis http://answersingenesis.org/articles/wow/does-the-big-bang-fit 2008-01-05T13:34:28-05:00 The evolutionist story about how the universe came into existence proposes that billions of years ago the universe began in a tiny, infinitely hot and dense point called a singularity. This singularity supposedly contained not only all the mass and energy that would become everything... Does the Bible say anything about astronomy? - Answers in Genesis http://answersingenesis.org/articles/wow/does-the-bible-say-anything-about-astronomy 2008-01-05T13:29:01-05:00 The Bible is often attacked as a book that is scientifically out of date. However, the Bible has been shown to be correct over and over again in matters of history and science. Not Just an Ordinary Star http://answersingenesis.org/get-answers/features/christmas-star 2007-12-12T09:38:45-05:00 Is there a scientific explanation for the Christmas star that led the wise men to Jesus on the first Christmas?