Gospel.com Topics Feed - Camera 2012-08-20T12:13:29-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/camera/ Why do mobile phone cameras not have lens protection? http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/9009 2012-08-20T12:13:29-05:00 Can anyone explain why mobile phone manufacturers neglect to protect the phone camera lens in any meaningful way? There are now two blindingly good contenders for best Android camera phone from HTC and Samsung, with camera quality and functionality we could have only dreamed of three years ago. But what is there to stop the lens getting dusty, smeared with finger prints, or scratched? Nothing that I can see. In which case all the high quality megapixels, autofocus, multishot capability etc. are potentially wasted. Shampoo Cam http://jestkidding.com/kids-corner/shampoo-cam/ 2007-09-21T20:54:06-05:00 Every magician must have a rabbit. I call my rabbit Shampoo. I’m sure you are thinking that is a funny name for a rabbit. Well, I call my rabbit Shampoo because it has something to do with the hare. Do you know how you get a rabbit to do tricks? You have to condition it.