Gospel.com Topics Feed - Career Testing 2009-07-14T18:46:10-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/career+testing/ Free Career Counsultation - Talk with a Professional Career Coach http://christiancareercenter.com/Free-Consultation 2009-07-14T18:46:10-05:00 Our affordable one-on-one career counseling/coaching services can help you discover and obtain meaningful, fulfilling work that fits your God-given design. Your free consultation session will be with Kevin Brennfleck or Kay Marie Brennfleck, who are National Certified Career Counselors. During your consultation you will receive a career evaluation and learn how professional career services can help you to: * Clarify your God-given design through professional career testing; * Identify the work you were designed to do; * Develop short- and long-term career goals for living your calling; * Discern God's will for your career; * Land a new or better job; * Negotiate a salary that represents the true value you bring to a job; * Gain the competitive edge with a high impact resume and other marketing materials and strategies; * Prove that you are the person to hire by utilizing the best job search strategies for today's job market.