Gospel.com Topics Feed - Chaos 2011-08-19T09:48:21-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/chaos/ I Know How This Is Going To End - #6420 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-hard-times/i-know-how-this-is-going-to-end-6420 2011-08-19T09:48:21-05:00 Right now it's night time and there still are tears, and you need to dig deep into His strength until the rest of the message comes clear. You can stay peaceful, you can stay poised while everybody else is going crazy, because you know that ultimately joy is coming, victory is coming. You can sit back and smile in the middle of the chaos and say, "I know how this is going to end!" A Whiplash World - #6331 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-most-important-relationship/a-whiplash-world-6331 2011-04-21T10:01:21-05:00 I'll tell you, any time's a good time to belong to Jesus. But this time is a really good time to belong to Him. Because behind all the exploding events of our time, there is a plan. There is a God; there is a Savior; there is a King. There is a divinely orchestrated, humanly untouchable countdown to the coming of King Jesus. God is with us - a Christian perspective http://biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Psalm%2046:6-7&version=NIV 2009-09-11T09:36:41-05:00 Nations rise and falls, wars start and end, but through all the chaos of life in the modern world, we can take assurance in the fact that God is with us. Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Peace in Daddy's Arms - #4339 http://hutchcraft.com/A-Word-With-You/Your-Most-Important-Relationship/Peace-in-Daddy-s-Arms-4339 2008-08-27T16:33:31-05:00 Our granddaughter felt safe, not because she wasn't in the middle of chaos -- believe me, she was -- but because of the security she has being in her Father's arms. It's a kind of security maybe you can only wish for right now because everything around you is up for grabs.