Gospel.com Topics Feed - Charles Wesley 2011-06-27T15:21:23-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/charles+wesley/ A Tale of Two Brothers | Christian History Institute http://chitorch.org/index.php/chm/eighteenth-century/wesley-brothers/ 2011-06-27T15:21:23-05:00 Like many siblings, John and Charles Wesley often clashed— and the Methodist movement profited. From Christian History magazine The West is a mission field. We need mission insights to understand worldview and culture. http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/768 2010-08-09T15:53:40-05:00 Time is a strange commodity. We stayed last month at a holiday cottage in the north Derbyshire village where I spent some years of my childhood. It’s apparently the oldest building in the village. Friends in the New World will perhaps be particularly entranced by its age – it was already 200 years old when Charles Wesley stayed there! It is part of a farm complex which later became a Moravian settlement for 50 years. Module 411: John and Charles Wesley | Christian History Institute http://chitorch.org/index.php/eras/post-reformation/wesley/ 2009-06-22T13:39:28-05:00 Christian History Institute's study module on John and Charles Wesley, hymn-writers, evangelists, and founders of Methodism. And Can It Be - The Center For Church Music http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/and-can-it-be 2008-02-16T17:55:56-05:00 A study of the hymn "And Can It Be," with mp3, sheet music, a devotional based on the hymn, the hymn story, and information about who wrote this beautiful hymn. Charles Wesley : AWAKE, THOU THAT SLEEPEST http://sermonindex.net/modules/articles/index.php?view=article&aid=899 2008-01-10T12:56:17-05:00 And first, as to the sleepers here spoken to. By sleep is signified the natural state of man; that deep sleep of the soul, into which the sin of Adam hath cast all who spring from his loins: That supineness, indolence, and stupidity, that insensibility of his real condition, wherein every man comes