Gospel.com Topics Feed - China 2011-06-27T15:44:25-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/china/ Pushing Inward | Christian History Institute http://chitorch.org/index.php/chm/nineteenth-century/taylor/ 2011-06-27T15:44:25-05:00 Whether he was battling despair or floating on euphoric faith, Hudson Taylor drove himself—and the gospel—ever deeper into China. From Christian History magazine. The power of social networking leverage. Example: Swan Lake ballet video http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/2810 2010-11-10T14:02:47-05:00 Here are some new stories – and an incredible video of Swan Lake by Chinese State Circus like you've never seen it before – that illustrate the leverage of social media So Rich, So Needy - #6201 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-personal-power/so-rich-so-needy-6201 2010-10-18T10:33:01-05:00 God has always judged the true righteousness of His people by their love and commitment to three groups of people: the poor, the victims, and the lost. Is that what we're about? Is that what you're about? Evangelization Efforts in Northeast Asia http://lausanneworldpulse.com/perspectives.php/987/08-2008 2008-08-15T13:58:32-05:00 Looking at evangelization efforts among the largest eighteen people clusters in Northeast Asia. Time to Shine: The Chinese Church, Church Plantinting, and World Missions http://lausanneworldpulse.com/themedarticles.php/991/08-2008 2008-08-15T12:35:28-05:00 An overview of the Chinese Church both within China and its work in missions worldwide. LWP- Many Faces of Poverty in China http://lausanneworldpulse.com/urban.php/979 2008-07-15T14:21:25-05:00 Four faces of poverty in China--and hope on the horizon. LWP - Beijing’s Poor and the 2008 Olympic Games http://lausanneworldpulse.com/urban.php/978 2008-07-15T14:19:02-05:00 The author shares how countless Chinese urbanites and migrant workers have been displaced by the upcoming Olympics. LWP - Urban Poverty and Urban Slums in China http://lausanneworldpulse.com/urban.php/977?pg=2 2008-07-15T14:14:21-05:00 The author discusses the "floating population" in China and its relation to the hukou system. LWP-Global Sporting Events and the Urban Poor http://lausanneworldpulse.com/urban.php/980 2008-07-15T14:09:09-05:00 An introduction to those living in poverty in China and the impact of the Olympic Games on their lives. Lausanne World Pulse - Into Their World…The Central Tibetans of China http://lausanneworldpulse.com/urban.php/300/04-2006 2008-05-06T18:03:40-05:00 A nomadic lifestyle, poor infrastructure and bans on sharing the gospel make evangelizing the Central Tibetans of China extremely difficult