Gospel.com Topics Feed - Choir 2009-10-08T13:50:05-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/choir/ Choir in the Bible - a Christian pespective http://biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1%20Chronicles%2015:27-28&version=NIV 2009-10-08T13:50:05-05:00 When David brought the ark of the Covenant back to Israel he was accompanied by a choir of singers. Song and music were highly prized ways of praising the LORD and this was a time of extreme jubilation. Specialized Ministries http://churchgrowth.org/cgi-cg/webstore/ec.cgi?page=specmin.html&frame=yes&cart_id=p1201553651_318 2008-01-28T16:15:47-05:00 Interested in singles ministry, encouraging ministry wives, creating an effective disability outreach, starting a local church Bible institute, radio ministry or other special ministries? Then look here! This category includes ministry how-tos and resources that are not found in our other sections. The Center For Church Music - Music & Worship http://songsandhymns.org/music-worship/ 2007-11-02T20:44:56-05:00 The Center for Church Music offers essays and articles to encourage and inform church musicians and anyone interested in church music. Articles range from discussion of music in the early Church, to how to prepare to sing in choir. Also, Billy's questions ask "What is a hymn?"