Gospel.com Topics Feed - Christian Charities 2008-02-08T16:00:17-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/christian+charities/ Matching Christian Volunteers with Urban Ministries & Short Term Missions Opportunities http://volunteer.gospel.com/ 2008-02-08T16:00:17-05:00 Directory of thousands of Christian volunteer & short term missions opportunities. Search or post opportunities for free. National partners include Salvation Army, AGRM, CCDA, UYWI, HLIC (Campus Crusade), World Vision, YouthPartnersNet, Gospel Communications. Site is a program of TechMission. Virtual Volunteer and Online Volunteering Opportunities: Volunteer.Gospel.com http://volunteer.gospel.com/virtualvolunteer.jsp 2008-02-01T15:45:51-05:00 Provides explanation of virtual and online volunteering, as well as ability to search virtual volunteer opportunities by service area or skills required. Program Resources | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons, MP3s, social networking http://urbanministry.org/wiki/program-resources 2007-10-31T18:25:22-05:00 Contains resources for social service program development in the following areas: employment training & welfare-to-work, ex-offender reentry, mentoring, financial literacy, and fighting human trafficking. Much content provided by FASTEN; users can add their own. Encyclopedia of Grant Writing and Fund Raising | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons http://urbanministry.org/wiki/encyclopedia-grant-writing-and-fund-raising 2007-10-31T18:06:35-05:00 Contains how-to guides, templates, and fast research fact sheets for grant writing, as well as resources on fund raising and partnerships between government and faith-based organizations. Users can share what has helped their nonprofit build capacity. TechMission AC4 Membership Benefits | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons, MP3 http://urbanministry.org/member-benefits 2007-10-31T17:50:14-05:00 Benefit summary for AC4, our program which supports Christian ministries and nonprofits through technology education, information on hardware and software donations, online safety training, and operating cost discounts (group buying and discount unemployment insurance). Volunteer Management Manual and Webcast Presentations | UrbanMinistry.org http://urbanministry.org/wiki/volunteer-management-manual-and-webcast-presentations 2007-10-30T19:04:55-05:00 Contains Christian Volunteering Manual with sample recruitment materials, volunteer application & feedback form. Presentations cover volunteer recruitment, including online recruitment and use of work-study students, training, and supervision.