Gospel.com Topics Feed - Christian School 2009-03-07T11:46:38-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/christian+school/ Christian Teaching Jobs - ChristianCareerCenter.com http://christiancareercenter.com/job-seekers/christianteachingjobs 2009-03-07T11:46:38-05:00 Christian teaching jobs with Christian schools, kindergarten to high school (K-12), for those interested in teaching, guidance counseling, principal, coaching and other school related jobs. Find Christian teaching jobs today. Cultural Illusions in the Christian School http://soulation.org/library/audio/dale/DF_CulturalIllusions.mp3 2008-01-18T19:51:51-05:00 Talk addressing various assumptions in Christian culture, particularly Christian schools, that mimic an unbelieving world, including concepts of faith and truth.