Gospel.com Topics Feed - Church Of Christ 2008-04-29T15:23:18-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/church+of+christ/ Bible Questions for the Church of Christ - Faith Facts http://faithfacts.org/world-religions-and-theology/the-church-of-christ 2008-04-29T15:23:18-05:00 There is a wide range of views within the Church of Christ. Some would be considered mainstream within Christianity. This article poses questions to the Church of Christ who refuse fellowship with non-Church of Christ. Questions posed include these issues: Gospel,true church, baptism, music.... Cults and Heresies - Faith Facts http://faithfacts.org/world-religions-and-theology/cults-and-heresies 2008-04-29T15:10:54-05:00 This article hopes to give a defense for the historic orthodox Christian faith. The circle of those to be considered Christians is pretty large. But there are groups that simply cannot be considered within the circle: the cultic or heretical groups. We'll also examine the Christian fringe. World Religions & Theology - Faith Facts http://faithfacts.org/world-religions-and-theology 2008-04-08T22:19:19-05:00 Christianity differs from all other world religions. For further information on the difference between Christianity and Islam, Jehovah's Witnesses, other cults and variant theologies visit the online resource.