Gospel.com Topics Feed - Church School 2011-06-08T15:21:55-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/church+school/ DWELL Curriculum for Sunday School and Church Ministry http://faithaliveresources.org/Products/CategoryCenter/CODW/dwell.aspx 2011-06-08T15:21:55-05:00 In a culture that worships busyness, DWELL encourages kids to pause and wonder, imagine, and interact with different parts of God’s Story. And as they do, they’ll discover that God is still at work in the world and in their lives. DWELL can awaken kids to God’s amazing invitation to find their own place in his story, to live into and out of it for the rest of their lives. Learn more at www.DwellCurriculum.org.