Gospel.com Topics Feed - Church Service 2007-10-31T13:52:25-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/church+service/ Spiritual Gifts | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons, MP3s, social networking http://urbanministry.org/spiritual_gifts 2007-10-31T13:52:25-05:00 Links to frequently asked questions on spiritual gifts, explanations of various gifts, and tests to discover your spiritual gifts. Webcast Workshops for Volunteers | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons, MP3s http://urbanministry.org/wiki/webcast-workshops-volunteers 2007-10-30T18:56:03-05:00 Provides webcasts & presentations for volunteers on how to find the ministry which is right for them and to serve well. Presentations include a Biblical perspective on volunteering and cross-cultural training.