Gospel.com Topics Feed - Coldness 2008-08-14T12:23:56-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/coldness/ Ron Hutchcraft Ministries - Letting it Happen to Your Heart - #4178 http://hutchcraft.com/A-Word-With-You/Your-Personal-Power/Letting-it-Happen-to-Your-Heart-4178 2008-08-14T12:23:56-05:00 ." In other words, when Jesus saw the need of these people, something happened way down deep inside the very deepest parts of His heart. He wants to give you a heart like His. And in the stress and pressures and superficiality of the world we live in, it's easy to inadvertently build a steel wall that keeps us from feeling the lostness of the people around us. But when you lose that, you've lost an essential part of what it means to have a Christ-like heart.