Gospel.com Topics Feed - Colson 2008-02-01T16:12:41-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/colson/ Institute for Prison Ministries | Corrections & Criminal Justice Professionals http://bgcprisonministries.com/index.php?id=19 2008-02-01T16:12:41-05:00 A place to vent for Corrections professionals. Working in corrections or detention can be highly stressful. Sometimes you and your loved ones need a safety valve, a place to vent. At other times you may need support to handle situations which at the time might seem overwhelming. Institute for Prison Ministries | Ex-Offenders http://bgcprisonministries.com/index.php?id=7 2008-02-01T16:10:30-05:00 In 1988, the scholarship was established by a generous friend of the Institute for Prison Ministries and named in honor of Chuck Colson for his valuable service to the field of prison ministry. Institute for Prison Ministries | Children http://bgcprisonministries.com/index.php?id=57 2008-02-01T16:09:41-05:00 Many issues surround children of the incarcerated parent. Resources are listed to assist parents and caregivers handle these sensitive challenges in the life of children. Institute for Prison Ministries | Chaplains, Ministry Workers & Volunteers http://bgcprisonministries.com/index.php?id=3 2008-02-01T16:08:45-05:00 Professionals in the field of correctional ministry are a valuable asset to correctional institutions and reentry programs. IPM seeks to equip and encourage chaplains and other professionals in correctional ministry through training, conferences and seminars, as well as serve as a resource center. Institute for Prison Ministries | History & Mission http://bgcprisonministries.com/index.php?id=29 2008-02-01T16:08:00-05:00 The Institute for Prison Ministries (IPM), a department of Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College began as a result of several discussions with Charles Colson and Kenneth Wessner.