Gospel.com Topics Feed - Common Interest 2012-12-11T11:24:03-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/common+interest/ Using hobby websites for appropriate friendship evangelism http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/9903 2012-12-11T11:24:03-05:00 One of the key ways to engage with non-seeking outsiders is through a mutual interest or personal need. Hobby websites are therefore a great way of building redemptive relationships. Yet such sites are vanishingly rare. Wilbur Schramm principle of common interest communication is a Bible strategy for Christians http://internetevangelismday.com/communicate.php 2010-08-07T17:53:33-05:00 There are a number of theories of communication, often quite complex to grasp. (Some are explained here.) They are nevertheless helpful to us in understanding how messages are transmitted and received. Rather than being ‘psycho-babble’, they often demonstrate human truths which are also clearly given us in the Bible.