Gospel.com Topics Feed - Computer Ministry 2007-11-12T15:36:12-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/computer+ministry/ TechMission: Bringing Innovations to Urban Ministries & Christian Nonprofits http://techmission.org/ 2007-11-12T15:36:12-05:00 TechMission provides technology resources to help churches and ministries serve the "poor" through: the Association of Christian Community Computer Centers (AC4), TechMission Corps Internships, UrbanMinistry.org, ChristianVolunteering.org, ChristianFreeware.org & SafeFamilies.org TechMission 2006 Annual Report | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons, MP3s http://urbanministry.org/techmission-2006-annual-report 2007-11-01T16:31:28-05:00 TechMission's 2006 annual report, available as a PDF, describes yearly outcomes, current initiatives, and future organizational goals. Includes details on our 2 newest programs: ChristianVolunteering.org & UrbanMinistry.org.