Gospel.com Topics Feed - Computer Software 2007-11-01T16:15:54-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/computer+software/ TechMission Manual: Resources & Training for Computer Centers & Nonprofit Ministries http://urbanministry.org/wiki/techmission-manual 2007-11-01T16:15:54-05:00 Lists recommended sources of computer hardware and software donations, potential funding and grant opportunities, reviews of Internet/web filtering software, and government programs in which community technology centers, after-school programs & other nonprofits can participate. Safe Families Manual: Resources on Online Safety, Pornography Addiction Recovery http://urbanministry.org/wiki/safe-families-manual 2007-11-01T15:53:12-05:00 Defines pornography addiction and presents stories of recovery. Includes church strategy for confronting pornography addiction, pastoral counseling advice, guidelines for online safety in families and nonprofit organizations, and computer filtering software recommendations. Internet Filtering Software Guide - Reviews of Parental Control Software http://safefamilies.org/SoftwareTools.php 2007-11-01T14:58:18-05:00 Reviews and compares major options for Web filtering and parental control software. Describes both commercial and free software products, as well as hardware-based solutions. Also includes link to download We-Blocker, SafeFamilies' free Internet filtering program. Free Internet Filtering Parental Control Software : Safe Families' We-Blocker http://safefamilies.org/download.php 2007-11-01T14:31:18-05:00 Provides link to download We-Blocker, a free Internet filtering and parental control software program useful for adults, families, churches, schools, after-school programs, and offices, and which integrates webcast training on online safety. Software is not compatible with Vista. Computer Curriculum Downloads | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons, MP3s http://urbanministry.org/wiki/computer-curriculum-downloads 2007-10-31T18:46:45-05:00 Contains all technology curricula developed by TechMission, covering computer terminology, typing, Microsoft Office programs, entrepreneurship, Photoshop, web design, databases, programming, and job training. Youth Computing Lesson Plans | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons, MP3s http://urbanministry.org/wiki/youth-computing-lesson-plans 2007-10-31T18:33:29-05:00 TechMission-created lesson plans and curriculum to introduce youth to computers. Computer terms, use of Windows, Web searching, word processing, Microsoft Publisher, and PowerPoint are taught. Encyclopedia of Christian Community Technology | UrbanMinistry.org: Urban ministry sermons http://urbanministry.org/wiki/encyclopedia-christian-community-technology 2007-10-31T14:30:52-05:00 Contains technology training curricula; information on obtaining computer hardware and software; articles on the international digital divide and online segregation; and links to organizations that support community technology centers across the globe.