Gospel.com Topics Feed - Concept 2012-06-05T12:29:08-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/concept/ Biblical parallels from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/8370 2012-06-05T12:29:08-05:00 Some thoughts from UK about our Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Point of information: this weekend was chosen as the equivalent point of the year to the Coronation in 1953. That was 59 years ago, because it was not celebrated till 16 months after she became Queen in 1952. Like a large majority of Brits, I cannot remember a time when she was not the Queen. And yet … and I really don't get this Passage of Time thing at all … I can remember as a 3-year-old watching her Coronation on next door's tiny black and white TV, along with 19 others crammed into a small living room. Lateral thinking outside the box for Christians; using story for communication http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/1341 2010-08-09T16:28:20-05:00 In a rapidly changing world, we need to make frequent conceptual leaps for effective ministry. A few years back, a European manufacturer of industrial drilling machines was suffering badly with competition from products manufactured in the Far East. Wisely, they called in consultants to help them see a way forward. “So, how would you describe your business,” asked the consultants. “Well, we sell drilling machines, of course,” they replied. “Well, actually, you don’t,” said the consultants. “You enable people to make holes.” This new way of perceiving their role led them to switch to making laser-equipment for cutting holes, with renewed business success. Redemptive analogies - a key to meaningful communication of the Christian gospel http://internetevangelismday.com/redemptive-parallel.php 2010-08-07T18:26:22-05:00 Don Richardson defined the concept of redemptive analogy in his books Peace Child and Eternity in Their Hearts. He explained how, embedded in a culture, there is usually some practice or understanding which can be used to demonstrate the Gospel. Findings these sometimes unexpected keys has been called a gorilla moment.