Gospel.com Topics Feed - Conference 2014-02-06T10:56:30-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/conference/ Ever been on a conference call like this? Humor video http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/12039?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter 2014-02-06T10:56:30-05:00 You may well have experienced a phone conference call as chaotic and fruitless as the one in this humor sketch from Tripp and Tyler. It presents a face-to-face meeting as if it were telephone conference, with all the downsides present and correct. Annual strategic consultation on mobile ministry opportunities, this December http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/11735 2013-10-23T15:27:03-05:00 The Mobile Ministry Forum (MMF) Consultation at the Wycliffe Bible Translator Headquarters in December, in Orlando, FL, is the key gathering for people interested in learning how to use mobile technology for ministry outreach. This 3-day conference includes TED-style presentations, discussions, ministry field reports, workshop breakouts, and networking time. The call is to anyone using mobile technology in a ministry context, creating apps or content, or anyone interested in starting a mobile ministry. Watch free all sessions from Biola Digital Ministry conference http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/8542 2012-06-29T14:52:51-05:00 You can now watch on YouTube all the sessions from the recent Biola Digital Ministry Conference. It's a great opportunity to learn in depth about a range of topics. True Woman: You’re Gonna Love This! All True Woman Conferences Online . . . http://truewoman.com/?id=1480 2010-11-12T14:39:31-05:00 Many of you are already asking if there's a way to listen to the final True Woman '10 Conference in Fort Worth. What if I told you that you could ask us for so much more, and we would give it to you?! True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: True Woman Manifesto Ceremony http://truewoman.com/?id=1477 2010-11-12T14:38:10-05:00 This ceremony is significant because thousands of women are glorifying God for what He has done from creation to the cross. Who we are as men and women is about more than personality differences and body types—so much more. True Woman: LIVE From Fort Worth: Deborah’s Convicting Biographical Sketch http://truewoman.com/?id=1479 2010-11-12T14:37:00-05:00 If I were Deborah, and were writing my own bio, I’d want people to know that I was a prophetess, a warrior, a strategist, a leader. But Deborah wasn’t motivated by recognition or fame. True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: Six True Women and One True Man http://truewoman.com/?id=1478 2010-11-12T14:34:44-05:00 The Saturday morning panel discussion is one of the lighter sessions of the conference as laughter mixes in with practical applications of the biblical truths we've heard about throughout the weekend. The women on the panel, Holly Elliff, Carolyn McCulley, Karen Loritts, Kay Arthur, Mary Kassian, and Dannah Gresh are wise, empathetic, and REAL. True Woman: LIVE From Fort Worth: True Womanhood Is About So Much More Than You! http://truewoman.com/?id=1475 2010-11-12T14:33:08-05:00 Manhood, womanhood, marriage, and sex are all mini-lessons that tell a watching world the story about the Bridegroom who loved his bride so much that He died to redeem her! Because these are such critical images, is it any wonder that they’re at the center of such a strong battle today? True Woman: LIVE from Ft. Worth: Three Questions About Your Trial http://truewoman.com/?id=1474 2010-11-12T14:29:40-05:00 James MacDonald took the stage at True Woman this evening to talk about trials. To be honest, there is a part of me that always cringes a bit when someone starts to preach on trials. God's Truth on trials isn't easy to digest. The passage that James focused on tonight is the perfect example... True Woman: LIVE From Ft. Worth: Trust and Obey http://truewoman.com/?id=1472 2010-11-12T14:27:52-05:00 Karen expressed disbelief, and then despair, as she learned that her family had been victimized by someone they’d known for over 20 years. No one could console her. Night and day she cried, walking from room to room crying out, “Jesus, help us! Help us! Help us!”