Gospel.com Topics Feed - Middle School 2008-01-07T14:43:17-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/middle+school/ Praise and worship: What's Working Globally (Part 1) http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=70&art_id=154 2008-01-07T14:43:17-05:00 This report takes input from youth workers around the globe to gleen insights on what's working and what's not in using music with youth. Part one motivates us with the power of music and challenges us to use styles that fit our God-given purposes. 100 Youth Ministry Gems http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=260&art_id=102 2007-11-24T12:52:31-05:00 Three veteran youth ministers share their best seasoned advice. Serving in Different Cultures http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=210&art_id=66 2007-11-24T12:29:08-05:00 Our call to service is clear. But our service may look very different, depending on the cultural context of our service. Dave Livermore gives us a window through which we can peek outside of our cultural box and see how service looks in several different cultures. Service and Acts of Kindness: No Strings Attached http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=210&art_id=158 2007-11-24T12:27:32-05:00 Many ministries are doing acts of kindness with no strings attached, and seeing the unchurched embrace Christ as a result. Youth Ministry Rooms: Ten Tips to Spice Them Up http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=180&art_id=50 2007-11-24T12:04:16-05:00 Dr. Al Millergren and Paul Evans give hints for making your youth ministry room more inviting for teens. Inner City/Urban Ministry: How to Develop It http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=160&art_id=44 2007-11-24T09:32:08-05:00 Tommy Carrington directs Reach Out's Urban Ministry training and works with inner city teens in Miami. In this article, those who love students and love God will be encouraged that they can impact the inner city with resources they already have. Creating an Idea-Driven Youth Ministry Culture http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=150&art_id=137 2007-11-24T09:29:04-05:00 Too many youth ministers miss out on an incredible source of youth ministry wisdom and ideas - their own volunteers and youth. Not only can their ideas revolutionize our ministries, but by taking them seriously we take their leadership to a new level, allowing them to feel ownership and responsibili Programming Your Teaching With "Growth Zones" http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=150&art_id=121 2007-11-24T09:26:56-05:00 This plan gives you a way to organize your teaching and training by dividing everything you want to instill in your students into seven Growth Zones. A great strategy to help you develop a long-range plan and make everything you do have a purpose. Programming Values http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=150&art_id=42 2007-11-24T09:25:05-05:00 While many people assume that Student Impact at Willow Creek draws over 1000 students into their ministry primarily through a spectacular program that few other churches could pull off, Bo Boshers insists that their success is due more to their programming values. Any size ministry can use them. Community: Building it in Youth Groups in Various Cultures http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=140&art_id=65 2007-11-24T09:21:29-05:00 What works to build community in one group won't necessarily work in another. Dave Livermore shows us some models that are working in various cultures.