Gospel.com Topics Feed - Mp3 2011-04-07T15:47:18-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/mp3/ Free music to encourage us to share the good news http://internetevangelismday.com/blog/archives/3880 2011-04-07T15:47:18-05:00 Music embeds truth in our minds in a particular way, that’s why it is so powerful. We have a range of links to completely free MP3 downloads and sheet music, for mission challenge to Jesus followers. Free MP3 Christian music for evangelism challenge and missionary advocacy meetings http://internetevangelismday.com/music.php 2010-08-11T09:16:48-05:00 These songs are useful for missions or outreach-challenge meeting for Christians – these are not evangelistic songs to speak to not-yet-Christians, they emphasize to Christians the challenge of sharing the gospel. Whatever your personal taste in music, they are probably more likely to communicate to younger generations than certain traditional ‘missionary’ hymns written in the 19th century! They are free to use and distribute if not for profit, eg you can burn them all on to a CD – many modern CD players now handle MP3s. Free training videos and MP3 audio for online evangelism strategy: writing, chat and followup http://internetevangelismday.com/training-videos.php 2010-08-08T16:27:57-05:00 There are a number of ways to learn more about online evangelism strategy and techniques. These free videos are a vital way of learning. Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/let-all-mortal-flesh-keep-silence 2008-06-06T14:31:17-05:00 This lovely soulful Christmas carol expresses the awe and wonder of the Incarnation of our blessed Savior. We include the background of this hymn, the hymn writer, sheet music, an mp3, a devotional and more. O Sacred Head, Now Wounded http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/o-sacred-head-now-wounded 2008-03-12T23:03:16-05:00 "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded," one of the most poignant hynns of Lent, requires us to acknowledge that it was our sins that put Jesus on the cross. We offer a study of this hymn, the hymn story, a devotional, sheet music, an mp3 and more. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/christ-the-lord-is-risen-today 2008-03-12T22:58:42-05:00 The jubilant song of Easter, "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" expresses the joy of our hearts "Alleluia!" We offer background information on this hymn, an mp3, sheet music, a devotional and more. And Can It Be - The Center For Church Music http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/and-can-it-be 2008-02-16T17:55:56-05:00 A study of the hymn "And Can It Be," with mp3, sheet music, a devotional based on the hymn, the hymn story, and information about who wrote this beautiful hymn. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - The Center for Church Music http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/a-mighty-fortress-is-our-god 2008-02-16T17:55:32-05:00 The study of the hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," with downloadable audio file, sheet music, information on why it was written, devotional, and much more. Away In a Manger http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/away-in-a-manger 2008-02-16T17:54:08-05:00 A study of the beloved children's carol, "Away in a Manger," offering an mp3, sheet music, the story of how it was written, a devotional, and more Gentle Mary Laid Her Child http://songsandhymns.org/hymns/detail/gentle-mary-laid-her-child 2008-02-16T17:52:59-05:00 A study of the Christmas Carol "Gentle Mary Laid Her Child," including an mp3, devotional, hymn story, hymn writers and more