Gospel.com Topics Feed - Music Review 2008-02-18T12:03:35-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/music+review/ Review: Passion: God of This City http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Review-Passion-God-of-This-City.html?ed=1 2008-02-18T12:03:35-05:00 Few record labels prove as useful to local ministry as Six Step Records. When they release their flagship live recordings from Passion conferences, worship leaders take notice. Why? Because they recognize that these will be the songs they will teach their churches for the year to come. Review: Become Who You Are by Mainstay http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Review-Become-Who-You-Are-by-Mainstay.html?ed=1 2007-12-07T08:50:29-05:00 Depression, abandonment, pain, and faith in the midst of great loss are not topics that every band tackles. In Become Who You Are, Mainstay shows that they are not every band as they take on those heart-hitting topics and more in their sophomore release. Review: The Flame In All of Us by Thousand Foot Krutch http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Review-The-Flame-In-All-of-Us-by-Thousand-Foot-Krutch.html?ed=1 2007-10-16T09:52:53-05:00 The much-anticipated fourth release from the Toronto-based Thousand Foot Krutch, The Flame In All of Us delivers powerful spiritual messages with a driving, hardcore sound. Review: The Glorious Revolution by Grey Holiday http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Review-The-Glorious-Revolution-by-Grey-Holiday.html 2007-10-04T07:53:26-05:00 Grey Holiday rocks out and leaves listeners wanting more with their debut EP album. Within the span of six songs, the band shows they have what it takes to make great music including ballads, rock anthems and catchy songs while focusing on God with lyrics written from the heart. Grey Holiday’s Glorious Revolution http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Grey-Holiday-s-Glorious-Revolution.html 2007-09-24T08:41:49-05:00 Rarely, if ever, do musicians start a band with a bass player that’s never played bass and a drummer that’s never actually drummed. Yet that’s exactly how Grey Holiday got its start—with four friends. Remedy by David Crowder Band http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Remedy-by-David-Crowder-Band.html?ed=1 2007-09-24T08:40:31-05:00 Dr. Pepper. Ted Nugent. Squirrels. Banjos. World change. What do these things have in common? Remedy by David Crowder Band. For the band, this much anticipated release is also the proclamation of a new challenge for the band. Review of Afterwords by Collective Soul http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Review-of-Afterwords-by-Collective-Soul.html 2007-09-21T22:11:52-05:00 They say that you know a hit when you hear it. That is the case with the song "Hollywood" from Collective Soul's new album, Afterwords. "Hollywood" features a fun melody that you catch yourself tapping on the steering wheel in traffic and a chorus easy enough to remember for singing in the shower. Rush of Fools’ Confounded Plans http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Rush-of-Fools-Confounded-Plans.html 2007-09-21T22:08:19-05:00 Releasing their self-titled debut album in May, Rush of Fools has made quite an impression with listeners with the release of their first radio single, “Undo.” The song, a ballad about God’s forgiveness for His wandering children, has caused the band’s inbox to be inundated with e-mails from fans. Conquering the Fear of Flight with Wavorly http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Conquering-the-Fear-of-Flight-with-Wavorly.html 2007-09-21T22:07:01-05:00 Life on the road for rock bands isn’t all glamor and glitz. True, there are adoring fans, concerts galore, and opportunities to travel. But then there are also down days, like the one that Wavorly was having the day before Matt Lott’s interview with YMX. Pages by Shane & Shane http://ymexchange.com/Resource-Reviews/Pages-by-Shane-Shane.html 2007-09-21T22:04:39-05:00 The delightful duo of Shane & Shane returns to the music scene after three years with its fourth music project, Pages. Literally ripped from the pages of Shane Barnard’s personal music journal, Pages (Inpop ) is a worshipful journey that lulls its listeners into peaceful rest and communion with God