Gospel.com Topics Feed - Sports 2013-10-22T06:00:04-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/sports/ Intentional Walk: Faith and the St. Louis Cardinals http://faithgateway.com/intentional-walk-faith-and-the-st-louis-cardinals/ 2013-10-22T06:00:04-05:00 Chapter 1: David Freese The night before the Cardinals played their opening game of the 2012 regular season on April 4, the first-ever game at Marlins Park in Miami, a visiting reporter walked into a well-known restaurant to have dinner. It was not surprising to him that some of the Cardinals were there. What he was […] Impossible Situations? He is the Lord of Possibilities http://faithgateway.com/impossible-situations-he-is-the-lord-of-possibilities/ 2013-10-04T14:53:02-05:00 Mr. Football: Johnny U During the 1950s & 1960s, there was one name that became synonymous with football — Johnny Unitas. During these great growth years of the NFL, Unitas helped carry the sport to the forefront. His work ethic and passion for the game provided his teammates with great inspiration. Unitas was a self-made man […] Finding Favor as a Mom http://faithgateway.com/finding-favor-mom/ 2013-10-04T14:48:31-05:00 Finding favor as a mom can seem elusive. As a mom, have you not felt like a middle manager? You are your child’s supervisor, and while you don’t report to teachers, coaches, or doctors, you must be the advocate for your child. Nehemiah had prepared himself for his role in middle management. We have seen […] The Most Dangerous Season of All - #6254 http://hutchcraft.com/a-word-with-you/your-personal-power/the-most-dangerous-season-of-all-6254 2011-01-03T17:01:47-05:00 Don't make God remind you who is the source of everything you've got, because success that costs you the blessing of your Lord is simply success that you cannot afford. Extending grace on game day http://gospel.com/blog/index.php/2010/06/24/todays-devotional-extending-grace-on-game-day/ 2010-08-06T13:56:04-05:00 The worlds of college and professional sports are not always marked by gracious and sporting behavior. But sometimes an act of genuine class takes place, elevating the participants above the all-consuming rush for victory. In this instance, a Christian school did something beautiful on game day. An Olympian Shares About Faith in the Midst of Injury http://gospel.com/blog/index.php/2010/02/17/an-olympian-shares-about-faith-in-the-midst-of-injury/ 2010-02-18T16:55:55-05:00 Has God ever used a physical injury to draw you closer to Him? How Much Should Christians Care About Sports? - The Gospel.com Blog http://gospel.com/blog/index.php/2009/11/09/how-much-should-christians-care-about-sports/ 2009-11-09T16:28:14-05:00 With the World Series behind us, basketball getting underway and the NFL approaching midseason, it’s a good time to be a sports fans. It seems like every week there’s a “big game,” and for every “big game” there are millions upon millions of people that watch, cheer and dissect every play and statistic. Americans might not know whether their city has a symphony orchestra, but they know their city’s sports teams. Sports are clearly an inextricable part of our culture, yet, as Christians how invested should we be in the outcomes of those sporting events? How much should Christians care about sports? Sports Spectrum Article Archives http://sportsspectrum.com/resources/archives.php 2008-10-08T12:32:14-05:00 Want to go back in time and see what past Christian athletes have testified to regarding their faith in Christ? You can! Order access to the Sports Spectrum Archives and hear what people like David Robinson have to say about when sports and faith collide! Order Sports Spectrum and other items http://sportsspectrum.com/store/index.php 2008-10-08T12:30:35-05:00 Order Sports Spectrum for yourself or for someone else (maybe as a gift subscription?) who enjoys hearing about the good in sports rather than all the negative events that make headlines. Sports Spectrum chronicles the feats of Christians and details their daily walk and testimonies in every page. Sports Spectrum - Real Issues In Sports Life http://rbc.org/radio-tv/sports-spectrum/home.aspx 2008-07-02T14:48:20-05:00 Sports Spectrum - Real Issues In Sports Life