Gospel.com Topics Feed - Student Ministry 2008-06-12T16:25:54-05:00 GCI info@gospel.com /feeds/topics/student+ministry/ Into the Word: Amy Simpson http://navpress.com/store/product.aspx?id=9781600060946 2008-06-12T16:25:54-05:00 Into the Word How to Get the Most from Your Bible Bible becomes a confusing, contradictory book that brings guilt rather than wisdom and truth. Ask Me Anything 2: J. Budziszewski http://navpress.com/store/product.aspx?id=9781600061936 2008-06-09T19:01:52-05:00 Ask Me Anything 2 More Provocative Answers for College Students Real-life issues, from love and sex to hell and roommates The professor tackles hot topics that hit hard in college, like faith and reasoning The Message: Eugene H. Peterson http://navpress.com/store/product.aspx?id=9781576838433 2008-05-07T19:33:06-05:00 The MessageĀ® // REMIXTM: Pause A Daily Reading Bible The High School Survival Guide : Adam Palmer http://navpress.com/store/product.aspx?id=9781600061295 2008-05-02T19:33:14-05:00 The High School Survival Guide Making the Most of the Best Time of Your Life (So Far) First National Consultation on International Students Ministry in Singapore http://lausanneworldpulse.com/perspectives.php/78/11-2005 2008-03-18T12:26:25-05:00 Singapore held its first National Consultation on International Students Ministry (ISM) on 1 October 2005 in St Andrews' Cathedral Helping students get to church - StudentSoul.org http://intervarsity.org/studentsoul/item/help-church 2008-01-04T10:22:35-05:00 An article on helping students get to church from the Chapter Building section of InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org. Spotlight - StudentSoul.org http://intervarsity.org/studentsoul/spotlight/ 2008-01-04T10:20:30-05:00 Spotlight is a place to share stories, essays and ideas on InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org. InterViews - StudentSoul.org http://intervarsity.org/studentsoul/interview/ 2008-01-04T10:19:06-05:00 Interviews from InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org. Good Question - StudentSoul.org http://intervarsity.org/studentsoul/goodquestion/ 2008-01-04T10:17:31-05:00 The "Good Question" section of InterVarsity's StudentSoul.org site. Find real questions asked by real people. 100 Youth Ministry Gems http://youth-ministry.info/articles.php5?type=2&cat=260&art_id=102 2007-11-24T12:52:31-05:00 Three veteran youth ministers share their best seasoned advice.