Uplook Ministries, Serving Since 1922

Uplook Ministries is “devoted to to bring helpful information, varied ministry, and encouragement to God’s people, it continues to grow in its readership, many of these readers in Developing World countries.”

The main outlet of their ministry is publishing their magazine, Uplook, which has been regularly published since 1927! If you’re interested in more history on the magazine, read about it here. If you’d rather read the magazine, they have it available online with issues back to 1998.

Have questions about Christianity? You can find thorough answers to some difficult topics on their questions and answers page. Uplook also keeps a list of poetry and hymns as well as helpful charts and Bible study guides. I found the minor prophets chart particularly helpful at breaking down who was sent where. Uplook Ministries is committed to their online presence. So, “what you see on our Uplook site so far is just a taste of what we hope to accomplish.”

Please pray with us as we seek to stir up greater evangelistic interest, especially in North America. We are seeking also to equip young evangelists and provide helpful gospel materials for believers to use in witnessing.

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