Last chance to support the ministry of your choice in 2007!

As the year comes to a close, it’s not uncommon for people to look for ways to make last-minute, end-of-year donations to worthy causes. If you’re looking for a ministry to donate to this year, why not consider one of these ministries from the community? This list of organizations covers all sorts of outreach and ministries types, so you’re sure to find a ministry with a vision you can get behind.

Here’s our (partial!) list of ministries worth supporting. And remember, even if you can’t support your favorite ministry financially, all of these ministries would appreciate your prayer support, and many of them have ways you can contribute your time or talents instead of your money. Without further ado, here’s the list:

ACTS International

Answers in Genesis

Arab World Ministries

Audio Bible

Back to the Bible

Bible for Children

Center for Church Music

Center for Student Missions


Billy Graham Center

Daily Wisdom

Face to Face


Fast Track Ministries

Fellowship International Mission

GEMS Girl’s Club

Global Mapping International

Gospel Communications

Grace Adventures

Harland Christian Camp

Indian Life Ministries


Into Thy Word

Jest Kidding

Key Life

Latin America Mission

Life Action Revival Ministries

Literature Ministries International

Livin It

Lutheran Bible Translators

Mikey’s Funnies

Mission Network News

Most High Barn

Mount Herman Christian Camps and Conference Center

Narramore Christian Foundation / Psychology for Living

The Navigators

Navigators of Canada

Navigators UK

Nehemiah Ministries

Northern Canada Evangelical Mission

OC International

Officer’s Christian Fellowship

Open Hearts Ministry

Radio Voice of Christ

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

RBC Ministries

Regent College

Revive Our Hearts

Scripture Union

Sermon Index

Setting Captives Free




Uplook Ministries

Village Missions Christian Hit Radio


Winning at Home

Words of Hope

Year of the Bible

Youth for Christ

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