Fellowship International Mission: doing missions differently

fimlogoYesterday we linked to a broad list of missions organizations here at Gospel.com. Today we’ll take a closer look at a ministry that’s going about missions work in a unique way: Fellowship International Mission.

FIM is out to bring the Gospel to every corner of the world, and with missionaries at work all over the globe, they’re obviously serious about that calling. The FIM family prides itself in flexibility (responding quickly to mission opportunities with a minimum of red tape and bureaucracy) and accountability (they model their missionary work after the example set by the Christian church in the New Testament).

Their website has plenty of information about their ongoing missions projects and how you can get involved. But for a more personal look at the ministry, you might also check the FIM Director’s Blog, where FIM’s General Director Steve Wilt and his staff blog about the issues and opportunities facing FIM and mission organizations in general. And if you use Facebook, FIM has a presence there as well—stop over and see the official Fellowship International Missions Facebook page.

(If you’re interested in missions blogging, the only other missions director we know of who blogs is Brian Weschler of Village Missions, who blogs about his ministry’s work with rural churches across America. That’s another ministry worth looking into, especially if you have a heart for rural missions.)

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