Getting Involved in U.S. Missions

People that center their lives around the purposeful living of Christianity can be frightening.

Frightening because their lives demand us to consider our own, which is a scary thing to do. Too often we just let our ‘full-time ministry professionals’ handle all the ‘living out’ of our faith, but part of the Good news of Jesus is that we all get to play a role. We’re all high priests because of Jesus.

Yes, you who work in Quality Assurance, Software Development, or Cancer Research. You who are Stay-at-home-Moms and Dad. You Salespeople, Project Mangers and Welders. And even you students. All of you are an integral part of the body of Christ.

The spectacular thing, in my opinion, about Jesus is the fact that we’re offered a place in His plan. Regardless of what the world would have us believe, there is a place for the screwed-up kid in the kingdom of God. And it is a high position.

Fact of the matter is, we’re all called to serve as Christians. The question is just in what capacity?

More importantly sometimes, does it mean leaving the country? Absolutely not!

If you’re ready to jump in, let me offer a few suggestions you might look in to, all within the United States:

Just ask someone in your church where they need help. If your church doesn’t need volunteers (by the way: they do) find the next closest church, they’ll need help. is a searchable database of ministry opportunities in your area. It’s a great way to get connected with what’s already happening in or around your city.

For college students there’s always camp counseling, which could prove to be one of the better experiences of your life. Search CCCA’s database of job openings. Or there’s the Center for Student Missions. They specialize in urban missions in the US.

Have a bible degree? Or are you a pastor? Village Mission is always looking for pastors to reach out to rural America.

Or you can always do evangelism on the internet. Internet Evangelism Day is a ministry devoted to helping you reach out to people either through your church’s web site or individually.

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