Past the Popcorn film roundup—Three Strong Recommendation for Family-and-Values Types

Movie ticketsEach week, Past the Popcorn offers a thorough look at the latest round of films opening on big screens.

The time for whining is over, says Past the Popcorn Managing Editor Greg Wright. This week’s releases feature three strong entries that should make parents feel pretty good about the values presented on the silver screen.

The first is, yes, U2 3D, an IMAX presentation that will spread to non-IMAX screens later next month. It’s G-rated rock and roll at its finest, and that’s no stretch—something you can feel great about seeing with your teenagers, and something they can feel great about seeing with you. “This is a film to which I would love to devote 1700 words,” says Greg. “But why bother? I’d really rather you just go see it.”

Next, Greg gives a strong recommendation to How She Move a step-dance story about a high school girl in a Toronto ghetto looking for a positive way out. Even though it’s co-produced by MTV-films, Greg says that this one is a good bet for families with teens—especially those who are frustrated by the kind of films that the Academy gives its awards to. This film is tries “not win Oscar nominations, but to challenge teens to make solid choices about their futures and the future of their communities.”

Third, Mike Smith recommends the Iranian Farsi-language film The Willow Tree, a serious drama about a blind man who recovers his sight through the miracle of surgery. In the process he discovers his blind spots. This unrated movie “is a gem,” says Mike. “It is a home run, or the cricket equivalent, and it goes in my top ten. I was humbled and absolutely taken in by this story.”

In other releases, Mike Brunk finds the level of violence in the missionary-rescue story of Rambo disturbing; he is also moderately impressed by Untraceable, if also disturbed by its serial killer’s methods; and Jennie Spohr would like to enjoy Grace is Gone but can’t quite bring herself to do it.

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