20th Century Missions Focus: Billy Graham and Others

billy grahamSometimes we needn’t look too far into the past to glimpse amazing faith, and in some respects being able to see the successes and failures of what happened in the recent past can do wonders for our understanding of the present.

Take, for example, Billy Graham, who is a man that needs no introduction in Christian–and many non-Christian–circles. He has tirelessly preached the good news of Jesus Christ to countless millions of people throughout his life. His legacy is one to be admired not because of some empire he built, but because he is a man that took up Jesus’ offer to take up his cross and follow him daily.

Here’s a sermon from 1955 at the All-Scotland Crusade.

And if you’re ever in Wheaton, IL check out the Billy Graham Center Museum. They have an overview of the history of missions and of Billy Graham’s life that will force you to think deeply about evangelism and missions.

Also, from the Christian History Institute we have a bunch of stories of missionaries and Christians from throughout the 20th century. You can find a list of them here.

And here are a few select ones:

Marianna Slocum

Corrie Ten Boom

Ecumenical Church in India

J. Edwin Orr

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