Sensitivity to Singleness in the Church

Has your church ever asked the question, “Are we being sensitive to the single people in our congregation?” If you haven’t, it’s time to examine why. Especially if your leadership consists of married people.

Navpress has a quick quiz you can take to see if your church is being friendly towards single people or not. Here’s a few sample questions:

Many sermon illustrations, examples, and applications apply to unmarried adults as well as couples (e.g., “Ask your spouse or roommate … “).

Your pastor has preached on the biblical view of singleness.

The proportion of single adults in your congregation is approximately the same as in your community (45 percent for the United States as a whole, higher in urban areas, lower in rural areas).

Up until this week I had no idea about that last statistic.

If your serious about reaching out to singles, jump over and take the quiz.

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