The “Jesus Tomb” controversy, one year later: was it a hoax?

Last Spring, the Discovery Channel aired a widely-viewed, sensational documentary suggesting that the remains of Jesus Christ had been found in a Jerusalem tomb—a find which, if genuine, would spell the end of Christianity as we know it. Living Hope Ministries is seeking to set the record straight, by going back and interviewing some of the same experts interviewed by the original documentary. Do they really believe the bones of Jesus have been found? And more importantly, do we really have a credible, objective reason for the Hope that we have in Christ? You can watch the trailer of The Jesus Tomb Hoax, and sign up to watch the full film online when it’s released.

If the Jesus Tomb controversy interests you, you might also check out material on it from two other members of the community—see “The So-Called Jesus Family Tomb” at Answers in Genesis and a series of blog posts about the controversy at

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