Expelled screening report (and a new Hollywood Jesus blog)

Greg Wright of Past the Popcorn and Hollywood Jesus reports on a recent screening of the controversial film Expelled:

On the heels of last Thursday’s screening of Expelled in Minneapolis, at which God Delusion author Richard Dawkins sparred with associate producer Mark Mathis during the post-show Q&A, the Discovery Institute screened a 35mm print of the film for an invitation-only audience at a downtown Seattle theater just blocks away from the Institute’s offices.

Regarding the allegations of improprieties and irregularities that Dawkins and P.Z. Meyers have raised about both the Minneapolis screening and the film itself, Premise Media’s George Lang remarked that “we’re not responding to any of that because we don’t have to.”

As of this morning, though, word from both Motive and the Institute is that a press release about the Minneapolis screening is forthcoming from Premise presently.

The screening followed Lang’s remarks with fairly enthusiastic response from the decidedly partisan audience. Still, the reaction was noticeably calm and measured. The print itself was crisp, clean, and bright.

Hollywood Jesus has just launched SteinWatch, a daily blog tracking news related to Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

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