Summer Institute on Islam in Philadelphia: educating Christians to reach out to Muslims

Interested in ministry to the Muslim world? Before Christians can witness effectively to their Muslim neighbors, they need to understand Islamic beliefs and culture.

We’ve mentioned Arab World Ministries before—they’re a Christian ministry focused on sharing the Gospel with Muslims and educating believers about Islam. As part of that mission, they’re running a training program this May called the Summer Institute on Islam in Philadelphia. SIIP 2008 is a training course designed to help Christians better understand the theology and worldview of Islam, in order to be more effective ambassadors of Christ to Muslims. The SIIP 2008 website lists the following objectives for the course:

  • Understand the major cross-cultural, theological, and spiritual challenges westerners face when relating to Muslims.
  • Know how to respond accurately and respectfully to the assumptions behind Muslim objections to Biblical Christianity.
  • Be able to compare and contrast the Islamic faith with Biblical Christianity.
  • Know how to respond to Muslims in love by speaking into their framework of understanding.
  • Understand the world-view and ethos of Islam.

The deadline for course registration and fees is coming up soon (May 15), so if it’s something that interests you, head over to the SIIP 2008 site and get started on the registration process!

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