Life Action Revival Ministries


“The nature of revival is that it deals with things below the surface. It goes to the root issues so that long-term resolution is really possible.”

Personal revival is something we all need, but do we want it? I don’t think I’d be alone in saying, “Not always.” Revival means change. Sometimes drastic change. And change can take a tremendous amount of effort.

But revival also means renewal. Through revival we do more of what God wants us to do and less of what our sinful nature desires us to do, which is, to me, scary and exciting.

Life Action Revival Ministries exists to help individuals experience revival in their own lives.

Life Action Ministries is on a mission. We have a single-minded focus to see God glorified through a revival among His people. This purpose has carried us for over three decades of work alongside the churches of our country. Life Action Ministries is the largest revival ministry in North America.

This next excerpt is from their revival report from last year written by Byron Paulus:

I passionately believe that the greatest spiritual need in American church life is to make concentrated time to seek the Lord corporately. When it comes to experiencing the life-giving presence of God, there simply are no shortcuts. Spiritually, good things really do come to those who wait (on God!)—those who are willing to have a single antenna tuned in to a single voice.

It is in the context of seeking God that He speaks most clearly. It is then that the potential of another outpouring of revival and spiritual awakening in our nation is most likely.

That’s exactly what happened 150 years ago in America. A businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier noticed that God was absent from his bustling, materialistic society. So he did the one thing that he could do—he paused for a noontime prayer meeting during the workday and invited others to join him.

What began that day on September 23, 1857, eventually grew over the next 18 months into one of the greatest revivals that has ever swept our country. The entire eastern seaboard seemed to have become a prayer meeting, and major cities like Chicago, Boston, and Philadelphia witnessed thousands of people closing their shops over lunch to pray. Historians estimate that up to 50,000 people a week were coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

What about you? Will you renew your commitment to tune out distractions and fix your attention on the Lord? Will you join with others to pray that God will once again visit us in revival?

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