Luis Palau—bringing a message of evangelism and revival to the world

lpaAre you familiar with the ministry of Luis Palau? Palau, an evangelist whose ministry has preached the Gospel over the radio, in print, and at massive evangelistic events, is on the leading edge of the revival movement. He’s spoken in over 70 different countries to over 25 million people, preaching the Gospel to those who aren’t Christians and encouraging believers to revitalize their faith.

If you haven’t yet explored the Luis Palau Association website, you might be surprised to find that although Palau’s revival ministry works on a grand scale—huge evangelistic events and concerts—there are a lot of resources on the website to help you kick off a revival in your personal spiritual life. Here are a few items worth checking out:

The Luis Palau Association is a truly global ministry, but there’s are plenty of good resources to help you through the everyday, personal issues that come with being a Christian in today’s society. Stop by and see what they have to offer!

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