OT Audio Project Starting in Africa

From our friends over at Mission Network News comes a story about an Old Testament Audio recording project in the works for the Hausa language:

There are 24 million Hausa speakers in Nigeria and Niger, along with another 15 million who speak Hausa as a second language. In these areas, many non-readers are coming to Christ through the audio Gospel. However, that is creating a need for more grounding in the Old Testament.

Audio Scripture Ministries’ Chad VandenBosch says they’re addressing this with the help of a partnering group called Theovision. “Church growth is being stifled by illiteracy and the lack of access to the Scriptures and the truths found in those Scriptures. So they asked us, specifically, if we could go in and record the Old Testament, to have that available as well as the New Testament.”

For the many who do not read, an audio copy of the Old Testament will be their only way to hear of God’s work through the ages. VandenBosch says the project will cost $16,000. The team is about halfway there.

According to the Human Development Report, over 30% of Nigeria is illiterate. Niger’s rate is closer to 70 percent.

You can read more about the project over at Mission Network News.

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