Through the book of Mark in 30 days

The Biblical book of Mark is considered by many to be the easiest way of getting to know the story of Jesus Christ and the Gospel message. It’s very readable, is the shortest of the four Gospel accounts, and it jumps right into the story of Jesus halfway through, skipping the familiar nativity account.

This makes it ideal to read if you’ve never read the Gospel story, or if you’re looking for a quick refresher on Jesus’ life and ministry. And to that end, Scripture Union can help you out—they’ve made available their free Journey with Jesus reading guide, which walks you through the book of Mark over the course of 30 days. Each day you’ll be given a passage to read, a question to reflect upon, and a prayer idea based on what you’ve just read. You can download the full guide as a PDF, or sign up to receive each day’s message over email. Take a look, and consider a short-term Bible reading project to help you get into the habit of daily Scripture meditation!

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