Powered by 4: helping you get into the Bible-reading habit

poweredby4There are an awful lot of Bible reading plans out there, and if we keep talking about them here on the Gospel.com blog, we’re going to start sounding like a broken record. But there’s a new one out from Back to the Bible that’s well worth checking out: it’s called Powered by 4.

What’s with that name? Well, if you read up on Bible study strategies, one thing that comes up repeatedly is that when you’re starting out with reading the Bible, taking small but regular steps is much more effective than well-intentioned but overzealous plans that involve a whole lot of daily reading. In other words, if you can get into the habit of spending just a few minutes reading the Bible a couple times each week, you’re better off than trying to read the Bible for an hour each day and inevitably giving up when that becomes too much.

And that’s the theory behind Powered by 4: you make a commitment to yourself to read the Bible just four times a week, for less than ten minutes at a time. You might not have time in your schedule for an hour of Bible reading each day, but most anybody can carve ten minutes out of their daily schedule—and once you get into the habit of reading the Bible four times a week, you’ll find it’s much easier to increase your reading to whatever level you feel comfortable with.

The Powered by 4 site lays out the basics and lets you sign up to receive your Bible readings via email. Give it a try!

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