Olympic outreach to the Middle East

As the eyes of the world are on the Olympic Games in Beijing, there are plenty of amazing success stories on display: incredible athletic achievements and tales of triumphant underdogs. But athletic competition is not the only challenge facing Olympic athletes—and one ministry is highlighting the spiritual victories of six Olympic athletes as part of a ministry to the Middle East.

The organization is SAT-7, and a recent Mission News Network story describes the way they’re “>using the inspiring stories of six Olympians as a way to reach out to the Arab world with the Gospel message:

“The model of Christianity in this region is often that Christianity is only for the weak, for those who are simple and have no other options,” says SAT-7 Acquisitions Manager George Makeen. He says that these stories are important to tell in the Middle East and North Africa.

“Athletes in the Arab world are stars, and people really look up to them,” Makeen said. “So it’s important, especially for young people in this area, to see athletes who are famous and successful and are still followers of Christ.”

Read the full story for more details, or visit the SAT-7 website to see what else the ministry is doing.

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