Lincoln and Darwin: a tale of two culture-shapers

lincolnIt’s a big day for significant birthdays. 200 years ago today, two of the most influential men in recent Western history were born: Abraham Lincoln, who presided over the bloodiest moral and civil struggle in U.S. history, and Charles Darwin, who brought the concept of natural selection into the public sphere. It’s interesting to look back at major historical figures and try to sort out their religious beliefs; but as it turns out, the spiritual beliefs of both Lincoln and Darwin are surprisingly difficult to pin down, despite the major moral and religious repercussions of their actions and ideas.

I’ve gathered a few links exploring the ongoing quest to discern Lincoln’s and Darwin’s relationship to Christianity:

Given their massive role in shaping Western society, there’s no shortage of information online and in your local library about these two historical giants. (And their shared birthday has inspired others to link the two as fellow culture-shapers.) Whether you think Lincoln was a saintly leader or a conniving politician; whether you consider Darwin a champion of reason or a destroyer of faith, today’s a good day to read up a bit on one or both of these historical—and perhaps religious—icons.

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