Reaching the Arab Nations through Television

arabvision.jpgArab Vision is a media ministry that produces television programs for the Arab world. They have Arab Christians working at every level of their ministry in order to produce quality Christian programming for countries largely untouched by Christ.

Some facts about Arab countries from Arab Vision’s profile:

  • Almost every Arab family has a television set
  • Half of all Arab homes has a satellite dish, which allow them to view channels beyond government censorship
  • At least half of the Arab population is functionally illiterate

Here’s a translation of what one Algerian had to say about the ministry:

The thing I like about you is that you adapt Christianity to our own people. The Kabyl language and the culture make things relevant and it does not seem strange for any one to accept Christ. I have read the Kabyl New Testament and I was surprised to see my heart opening up.

On one of my trips to France, a Kabili evangelist told me about Christ but I declined the invitation. Another opportunity was given to me by a group of Christians but I declined it too. A third time, I was invited by the Copts on one of my trips to Egypt, and I refused again.But when I saw you speak in Kabili about Jesus and who Jesus is, I couldn’t resist, and now I want to accept Him in my life. Would you be willing to help me to find a church in the neighborhood? I have heard there is a church somewhere not too far from where I live. Thanks for your help and your availability.

Read more about Arab Vision.

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